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Years of shooting fun for half the cost of one set of arrows!
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Only $24.95
 Over 200,000 unique shots
 22 McKenzie Targets
 Laser Range Finder
 Vital Map
 Speed & Energy Claculator
 Teaches Arrow Placement
 Wind, gusts & bow jitter
 Build your own bow
 Add your own images
Welcome to PC Archery!
The Most Realistic Archery Game Available!
So Realistic it will improve your ability to Judge Distance!
PC Archery is more than a game: it's a 3D archery simulator. McKenzie targets are placed at random distances and scaled to the correct size for their yardage. One click and a true sized image of your custom built bow comes to full draw. Estimate the yardage, sight and shoot! As you play you learn to relate target size to distance improving your ability to judge distance. Have fun and get real practice too!
Free Trial Version!

Screen shot of a Hoyt Ultratec Bow with Copper John DeadNuts sight taking aim at Rinehart 30-point buck.

PC Archery features:
   (Rinehart's coming soon)
Copper John, Trophy Ridge, Spot-Hogg
   and more sights
PC Archery is ideal for learning correct arrow placement on the various McKenzie targets. Vitals can be displayed as a color coded overlay on top of the target showing you where you should aim your arrow. Scoring rings represent good and bad shots giving you more points for good shots.

PC Archery also includes a set of deer targets positioned at various angles. These different angles allow you to learn or teach others when you have a good shot angle or when it is best to pass up the shot or wait for the deer to move, presenting a better chance for a clean hit.

PC Archery is fun for the whole family. Up to four Archers can play at the same time. If you can't all get together at the same computer, you can shoot a course and then email it to your friends and hunting partners.

PC Archery also includes an Energy-Speed Calculator. You can use the Energy-Speed Calculator to calculate your arrow energy or to see the effect changing arrows will have on your arrow speed and/or energy.

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