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Setting up your PC Archery Bow

With PC Archery you build your own custom bow. Building a bow consists of selecting a bow image, selecting pins and a pin guard for your bow and adjusting the location of the pins and the pin gap (speed) of your bow. Press the "Bow Setup" button on the right of the screen.

Selecting and adjusting pins

To select a pin, simply choose a pin image from the drop down. Five pins will be displayed, one each for 20, 30, 40, 50 and 60 yards.

To adjust your pins use the control to the left (right for left handed bows) of the 40 yard pin to move all of the pins as a group. Use the controls next to the 20 yard pin and the 60 yard pin to adjust the pin gap between your 20 and 60 yard pins. PC Archery will adjust the spacing between the other pins based on the arrow's trajectory. You want your pin gap to match the pin gap on your own 3D or hunting bow. This will allow PC Archery to give your simulated bow the same arrow speed and trajectory as your real equipment. When you adjust the pin gap, you will see the estimated speed of your bow displayed at the left side of the screen. This is calculated using your pin gap and the values you enter for "Eye to sight" distance and "Peep to sight" distance. See below.

Selecting and adjusting a pin guard

To select a pin guard, simply choose a new pin guard from the drop down. To adjust the location of your pin guard use the control to the left (right for left handed bows) of the pin guard.

Selecting a release sound

To select a new release sound for your bow, simply choose one from the drop down. If you want to hear the one you have selected press the "Hear It" button.

Setting your Eye to Sight Distance

Setting the eye to sight distance is important if you are after the most realistic simulation. The eye to sight distance is the distance from your eye to your sight pins when you have your bow drawn and ready to shoot. If you don't want to measure this distance you can estimate it by adding 3 to 4 inches to your draw length. This measurement is used to scale the target images to appear as actual size.

Setting your Peep to Sight Distance

The Peep to Sight distance is used to improve the estimate of your bow's speed. If you do not use a peep sight, set the Peep to Sight distance to your Eye to Sight distance.

Setting your Arrow Fletching Color

To change your fletching color, press the "Change Arrow Color" button on the Bow Setup screen. A pop-up window will allow you to select colors for your fletching.

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