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Mule Deer at 20 yards

Mule Deer at 30 yards

Mule Deer at 40 yards

Is judging distance important?
If you are talking about bow hunting or 3D Archery, the answer is definitely YES!
More bow hunting misses can be attributed to judging the distance wrong than any other reason, excluding Buck fever of course. Even with the help of laser range finders, judging distance is still VERY important to the bow hunter. Many times we don't have the time or don't want to chance the added movement needed to use a range finder.

How Can PC Archery help?
One of the ways we all judge distance is by size. As a target gets further away it appears smaller. That simple fact combined with practice is the answer. The more times you look at a target placed at different distances the better you become at relating its apparent size to its distance.
PC Archery is calibrated to display your bow, sights and pins at their actual size. It also calculates and displays the targets at the correct apparent size for their distance.
Look at the three screens. You can see that the Mule Deer target gets smaller as the distance increases. BUT THE REAL KEY, is that your bow, pins and the target are displayed at their ACTUAL size. Your eyes see the same image they would see if you were to draw your bow on a real target.

By playing PC Archery, you will learn to relate a target's size to various distances; therefore, YOU BECOME BETTER AT JUDGING DISTANCE! The more you play the better you get!

Fun and Practice too!
PC Archery is Fun to play and you can practice any time of day or night.

A good time to use PC Archery is before that SPECIAL HUNT (a Elk hunt in Colorado, Caribou in Canada or Javalina in Texas...). When you judge the distance to animals that are a different size than what you're use to, you are more prone to make an error. Practicing on a target that is the actual size of the animal you plan to hunt will help. PC Archery can be setup to allow you to shoot a whole course of Elk, Caribou or Javalina or any other target. It's better to get the practice now rather than misjudge the distance later.

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