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Playing PC Archery is fun and easy.
The image below shows a typical screen in the middle of shooting a course.
Playing instruction are listed below the image.
After reading the instructions give it a try.
Play PC Archery

When playing, you will press and hold the left mouse button over the bow icons to draw the bow. Moving the mouse will move the bow.
To release the arrow you will simply let go of the mouse button. To lower the bow without shooting, move the mouse over the let down icon in the lower right corner of the screen and release the mouse.
When all the archers that are playing have shot, a target post will be displayed. You can click the mouse on the target post to move to the next target.
The Laser range finder can be used to get the exact distance to the target. Don't get to dependent on it, it's not available at the higher difficulty levels.
When playing, you may have access to Placement Cards depending on the difficulty settings.
When you press the Vitals icon in a game, a color-coded overlay of the scoring rings will be placed directly on the target image showing you where to hold your pin.
When playing, you can click on the score card icon to display the scorecard. The scorecard screen will display the current score along with the target names and distances.
You can also view the 10 highest scores for a course and save the current course to play again later or email it to a friend.

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