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PC Archery Reviews
Independent product reviews and quotes from archers who have played the game.
Reviews - Click the link to view the complete review Quote:"This amazing program has too many function and set up features to list"... "This archery training tool is both serious and fun addiction is guaranteed. "

The Hunting Ring Quote:"PC Archery by Walk Technology, LLC has hit the mark!".... "Much more than just a CD ROM game, this software is a 3D simulator that accurately represents many of the conditions archer face in the field and on the course. "

Wild-About-Bowhunting Quote:"After reading through the instructions I was having fun in no time. And this game IS fun.".... "To summarize, PC Archery is a fun, easy to use 3D archery game suitable for all ages."
Don Quote:"I have competed in 3d tournaments for 12 years. So when I first saw this software I must say I was a little skeptical.But, couldn't resist buying it to see how realistic it really was...
I must congratulate you on a job well done...EXCELLENT. "
George Quote:"I feel like I have just been to a 3D shoot everytime I play it, the only difference is less damage to my arrow supply, if only it could keep my arm in shape as well!!!! "
Steve Quote:"I really like the game - very good and very realistic. "
Frank Quote:"This is a great PC Game. I run Windows XP and it is running very well. I feel I'm in the hunt! Keep up the great work. "
Todd Quote:"I love the game "
Don Quote:"Got your CD--it is great "
Frank Quote:"Am enjoying the Simulator and believe it will help in judging didtances at 3D shoots. "
Scott Quote:"I very much enjoy the game and believe it has helped raise my 3-D scores. "
Greg Quote:"I love the game "
John Quote:"The Game is so helpfull that I shoot it every day and know I can shoot without the laser and still score well I can't wait to see if it helps me with out door shooting. "
Luke Quote:"I really like this game. It is the best and the only archery simulater that I have seen. "
Mitch Quote:"This is definitely a program that I will recommend to both my archery and non archery friends. Keep up the great work. "
Gary Quote:"I purchased the disk to fine tune my 3-D yardage judging skills. I believe this disk could be one of the best tools for hunters and competitive archers on the market today. "
Bernard Quote:"I do enjoy the game. I came into archery/bowhunting late in life and have only been at it about 11 or 12 years but I love everything about it. "
Enrico Quote:"can I first commend you for a very nice archery simulation "
Wayne Quote:"GREAT GAME "
Gary Quote:"I have your software, great stuff. "
Thomas Quote:"> I like PC archery a lot, it really helped me to improve my 3D-scores. "
Karl Quote:"Superb game - worth every cent! Arrow placement education alone makes this game worth while. "
Jacqueline Quote:"I took a copy of the software to work and gave it to my boss to try who is a hunter. He loves it and is going to tell his friends about it. "
Barry Quote:"I just received your program today... It's great! "
Willis Quote:"The program is better than the rest of the archery programs. "
Jeff Quote:"The reality of the program is super. This is a great training tool that is fun and exciting. Without a doubt, it will make a better archer if used properly."
Mike Quote:"We recieved the copies today and I can't stop playing with it! Great job on your venture, setup was a snap and I really like the interface, the layout of the targets are really nicely done also."
Frank Quote:"This is what I have been looking for since I got my computer. What a great game/simulator. I now know what I will be doing on cold winter mornings. I am not sure how you could make improvements on pc archery as it is perfect now, but I would love to be updated when and if you do make changes or come out with a new version. Thank you."
Dan Quote:"It's a lot of fun working on the shot placement ..... and Oh that wind is tricky."
Len Quote:"I've been shooting archery for 40 years,and since I received your game I've not been away from this pc."
Mike Quote:"I really like this simulator."
Jeff Quote:"I must say that so far I am very impressed with it."
Jay Quote:"My 6 yr old granddaughter loves PC Archery she has learned how to hit the targets without help!"
Cris Quote:"I think I'll log off for a few now and play the kids a few rounds...... Heck they have me hooked."

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