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More than just a game!
PC Archery is more than just a game. It's a 3D archery simulator. The screen is designed to look like the real-thing.
PC Archery uses real images for the bow, pin, targets, and background. All of the images are scaled to actual size. When you look at the screen it looks just like what you see when you draw your bow on a real target.

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Simulated Arrow flight and sounds
When you release the arrow you will see it arc to the target following a path calculated for the speed and weight of your arrow. You can change the speed and trajectory of your arrows by changing the pin gap on your bow. When the arrow reaches its destination you get audio feedback on shot placement.

Laser Range Finder
The Laser Range Finder will give you the exact distance to the target.

Wind and wind gusts
PC Archery can be configured to simulate both steady and gusting winds.

Difficulty There are six preset difficulty levels and a custom level where you can set the parameters that determine how difficult a course will be.

Level 1 The easiest. You have access to a laser range finder, placement cards, and you can see where the vitals are located before you take your shot. The targets will range in distance from 15 to 40 yards. It is a nice calm day, with no wind.
Level 2 The wind has picked up some and the targets are now up to 45 yards away.
Level 3 You have to really start thinking about your release, because now your arms have gotten a little tired and you cannot hold that pin exactly where you want it. We call this bow jitter. It simulates the fact that no one can hold the pin exactly where they want to. The maximum target range has extended out to 50 yards, and we've added a little pressure by only giving you 15 seconds from the time you see the target to judge the distance and take a shot.
Level 4 You no longer have use of the laser range finder or the ability to see where the vitals are located before the shot. Don't worry; you would not have enough time to use them anyway since you now only have 10 seconds to judge the distance and take a shot. Oh, and by the way that nice steady wind that was blowing is now gusting!
Level 5 It becomes more difficult to control your bow. The bow is coupled to the mouse through a simulated arm, more like the real-thing. When you move the mouse, it's like your brain telling your arm to move. Your arm does its best, but sometimes it goes too far or not quite far enough. The targets are now out to 55 yards, but at least the wind has stopped gusting.
Level 6 The targets are up to 60 yards out, the wind is gusting and your arm has the jitters. Don't panic, you have 15 seconds to get the shot off.
Custom You pick the elements you like to build a custom setting. The "Custom" level allows you to configure the individual difficulty settings.

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