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PC Archery features McKenzie Targets

Target Sets
When shooting a course in PC Archery you have a choice between two target sets: McKenzie and Deer.

The McKenzie target set has 22 different animal targets. You can configure the game to use all of the targets or any sub set of the 22. The scoring for this set is based on the standard 3D archery scoring. When you press the Vitals Icon a color-coded overlay showing the vitals appears over the target.

Target list
Antelope Bear Standing Bighorn Sheep Bison
Black Bear Brown Bear Caribou Coyote
Deer Bedded Deer Grazing Deer Large Deer Medium
Elk Javelina Mountain Goat Mountain Lion
Mule Deer Turkey Turkey Strutting Warthog
  Wild Boar Wolf  

The Deer set has deer targets at various angles. This set is good for learning where to aim when faced with a non-broadside shot.

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